Solemare Parksuites - LOCATION

Solemare Parksuites is located at Lot 5 Bradco Avenue, Aseana Business Park, Paranaque City.

1. Schools

Solemare Parksuites is surrounded by some of the most prestigious schools such as King's School Manilla. Its location and facilities are special and unique. The school is close to Manilla Bay and near the Mall of Asia. The school is situated in Aseana City. 

While being a short distance from the busy metropolis of Manilla, it is also surrounded by greenery and being by the sea it has a fresh-aired environment, providing the best and conducive environment for learning. The young families situated at Solemare Parksuites can consider this as a good school to mold their children's education foundation.

Other schools in the vicinity include:

  • Kondanda Archery Range-0.48 km
  • Singapore School Manilla-0.50 km
  • Baclarn Elementary School Unit Iii– 0.87 km
  • Baclarn Elementary School Unit Ii- 0.90km

2. Hospitals

San Juan De Dios Educational Foundation Hospital is the oldest hospital in the Philippines and is approximately 1.13 kilometers from Solemare Parksuites. It is a multi-specialty hospital and has established commitment to provide qualified, competent, and compassionate and Christ- Centered healthcare.

The personnel implement continuous education, training and holistic staff development program including career gain. Efficiency, loyalty, satisfaction and growth in the hospital enables them to serve their clientele better.

Other Hospitals near Solemare Parksuites include:

  • Sta. Rita De Baclaran General Hospital- 0.83 km
  • Pasay Paranaque Hospital-1.05 km
  • Protacio Hospital – 1.10 km
  • Sitio Maligaya Health Centre- 1.22 km

3. Restaurants

One of the most prestigious restaurants near Solemare Parksuites is Herbs Restaurants that is just about 0.05 kms away from the residence. Herbs provides Italian cuisine and Premium gelato. If you want to experience a wider variety of herbs and ingredients that differ from the usual style, then it’s the place to be.

Herbs provides its diners with a dash of personality and spirit and a new dining experience. Herbs aims to provide high quality and high standards to its customers who have come to expect from them while updating and expanding their range of offerings. Herbs offers a range of pasta, pizza, western and fusion dishes, as well as homemade gelato and desserts, all with a new twist on flavor. Provides a perfect eat out and caters for all a family's needs.

Other restaurants near the residence include:

  • The Other Office By The Bay- 0.06 km
  • Yasubei-0.08 km
  • Okubo- 0.08km
  • Kusina ni Tatang- 0.09 km

4. Malls

One of the most pristine and exclusive malls is the Aseana PowerStation. It was opened in is a mixed use, retail- office- services development. It is approximately 0.10km from Solemare Parksuites. It is strategically located along President Diosdado Mcapagal Avenue.

Other malls include:

  • Gulf Air- 0.05 km
  • Minerva Tire Gallery-0.22 km
  • Get Polished-0.51km
  • S Mansion-0.86 km


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