Solemare Parksuites - AMENITIES

Some of the Amenities provided the Solemare Parksuites include:

Activity Area- Some of the activities include: Bars, Police stations, ATMs/Banks, Churches, Parks, Shopping Malls

Swimming Pool- Design inspired by Venetian Architecture, the Solemare Parksuites blends into the view of the Bay City

Internet Room- Solemare Parksuites offer free wireless internet access. It's the most important amenity for home owners. Even if it’s not for free, home owners will charge a small fee that can be included in the monthly service charge fee. The set-up is effortless and follows the basics of creating a Wi-Fi connection in general, but there might be a few special considerations and things to do before one gets started:

Make sure that your system is up to date and use VPN to secure your information
Make sure that your wireless adapter is on

Gym- If you need a little inspiration to hit the treadmill, the residences gym has an impressive view, top-notch equipment, and unique classes to help you reach that extra mile.

Elevator- The project has four lifts that aid residents in accessibility requirements. The smart energy saving modes increase energy efficiency in a group of elevators by maximizing the transport capacity.

Billiard Room- It has a low-key clubby vibe and features modern billiard equipment, perfect for meetings, friendly matches, evening relaxer and private events.

Kiddie Pool- Young families can enjoy these facilities during the holidays or the weekends.

Lobby- A private area where all Solemare residents guests can relax as they wait for their hosts. It can also be used to conduct short or long meetings.

  • Activity Area
  • Biliiard Room
  • Function Area
  • Internet Room
  • Kiddie Pool
  • Gym
  • Lobby
  • Elevator
  • Swimming Pool
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